Durham Screen Door

durham screen door

Door With  Screen $620.00
Frame (only) $520.00
Brackets: 35.00 each
Brackets (Small): $25.00

All Locking Handles $65
All Spring Hinges $18 each
Astragal $50*
Tempered Glass $195
Paint or Stain Finish $200
Installation in Local area minimum  $175

* An astragal bar is mounted to the fixed door in a double door system. This provides a stop for the operating door.

Design your own Victorian Screen Door by combining one door frame, e.g., Dufferin, with corner bracket style, e.g., York. Please contact us for “mix ‘n match” pricing.

Extra Services

Paint or stain finish: $200.

Please contact us for custom design and/or installation pricing.

Durham Usage Example

durham screen door example

How to Measure for a Wood Screen Door

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